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When you are positive in the inside, you will shine on the outside.


It’s all about Positivity,motivation, love,happiness,creativity, mind and imagination & thoughts inside a person.

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Writing is an art, everyone got their own ideas and styles of writing. Each and every way of writing is unique and special. Their are so many people in this world and everyone is different from each other, it says that everyone doesn’t know everything, but everyone knows something. Writing is a way that you can share your thoughts to the whole world. Sharing what you know is charity. Sharing is a beautiful act based on your intention as to why you are writing, what’s the purpose? And what are you trying to change or do by writing.

It says that reading completes a man. Reading is a down to earth act. Why is that? Because trying to understand and learn something out of whatever somebody else’s has written and shared to the world is an act of politeness. It’s an act that you are willing to learn and know what somebody else’s is trying to say. It’s an act that shows how much you love yourself and you love others, because by reading you gain or seek knowledge for yourself as well as you understand another person’s view and visions about the life and the world.

So by writing or reading if not by doing both writing and reading, you are the one who is going to get the advantage. The choice is yours.

Check out my blogs and articles for more. I hope you might gain some knowledge atleast to an amount of a grain. We all learn throughout our lifetime. So become an everyday learner.

Tap the positive and supportive side of yours to get amazed with what you can do.Be positive.

The inside out writer